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Grand Junction Development: Coming Soon to Westfield, Indiana

The downtown area of Westfield will soon be getting a new center attraction!

For the past 9 years Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.58.15 PMvarious ideas for what to do with the space between Union, Jersey and Mill streets have been presented and each one, subsequently dismissed. Until the Philadelphia based Land-Collective presented their idea to mayor Andy Cooks Chief of Staff, Todd Burtron,  who said that he knew as soon as he saw the plan that it was the one! According to Burtron, they had become weary of seeing so many failed plans on how to design Grand Junction and to see one that was a winner was a welcome sight.

The new plaza is slated to be built south of the highway between Jersey, Mill and Union streets. The town of Westfield has been in preparation for this development for several years by purchasing the surrounding land via public sale and eminent domain in preparation.

So what’s in store for Grand Junction you ask? The Design  is spectacular! Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.58.36 PM

The plaza is scheduled to contain a cafe and restaurant, each with their own pavilions. A main stage with a great lawn to watch movies on the inflatable movie screen including a wetland amphitheater with a stage in a centered-marshy area. There will also be  fountains that cascade along Branch Creek with meadows and pathways and even a boardwalk with an elaborate lighting plan designed for all seasons. And speaking of seasons, they’ve thought of everything! There are plans for an outdoor ice skating arena which will create a four seasons usability to the space and many fun times for families for years to come.

The possibilities of what the plaza could host includinScreen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.58.54 PMg outdoor concerts, community movie nights, craft festivals, music festivals, winter ice skating, rock climbing, special events and gala’s. And don’t forget one of Indiana’s most valued treasures, the Farmers Market!

The best part of the Westfield Grand Junction plans are its projected financing. The estimated price tag for the development is $25 million however, at this time, the Mayor plans to acquire the capital investment from private sector investments and not from taxpayer funds which should make the residents of Westfield even more excited!

City Council Vice President Jim Ake said, “Grand Junction Plaza would be a good complement to newly built and neighboring, $49 million 400 acre Grand Park.” He stated that  it would be a “heartbeat, pumping new economic life into our downtown.”

There is no timeline currently set for this project as the designs are set to be completed by May, 2016 when bidding for the multimillion dollar project will begin.

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